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Window Film
Many Benefits

By: Ray Levy, ASID Industry Partner, Sunbelt Window Film

Living in Houston we accept the fact, intense sun makes outdoor living downright uncomfortable. Houston is unbearably hot with miserable humidity, we acknowledge that. What about indoor living?

Windows keep out the weather and those annoying insects. But the damaging UV rays entering thru unprotected glass can be very expensive: Beautiful wood floors, Delicate Fabrics on Furniture and Draperies, Invaluable Antiques, Priceless art and those Precious Family Photos, all can easily fade and be damaged forever by harsh ultraviolet rays.

Glass is terrific for allowing a view of the outdoors. However, glass does not block UV rays from entering your home. Fact: Window Film has an incredible SPF (Sun Protective Factor) of an amazing 285+. Do not be fooled by dual pane or “insulated glass”. This more energy efficient glass does not block UV rays from entering the home thru unprotected glass. Attractive and barely detectable window film does wonders to retard the fading and reduce considerable infrared heat as well, improving interior comfort. All while improving the view of the outdoors.

Window Film considered a valuable solution. If the sun can be blocked from hitting the glass directly that is a great start. Outdoor: Shade trees and outdoor awnings work well. Indoor: Draperies, shades, shutters, blinds all work, when closed. Why have a window if you cannot brighten the room with inviting sunshine and see outside? We can all agree sunshine makes us feel good, the problems that come along with sunshine are not good.

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Solar heat control - Improve energy efficiency and reduce cooling Houston, Texas

Advanced window films used today do not darken a room to create a cloudy and overcast look which used to be negative. Not anymore, technical improvements have made films lighter and more effective than those old dark and metallic films of yesteryear. A good film can be similar in affect to Polarized sunglasses. When you remove the bright sunshine colors just pop. Have a beautiful landscaped yard, golf course, pool or magnificent view of Houston’s skyline, think window film.

Most manufacturers will back a residential application with a Lifetime Warranty. Today’s film will not purple, bubble or peel. Forget what you see on older vehicles, this will not happen in a home. Exotic metals are used, no dyes to achieve a darker appearance. So no more purple or color change.

Window film also makes glass more shatter resistant to prevent dangerous shards of glass from serious personal injuries to people and destroy interior furnishings. Whether it be accidental or intentional, window film is incredibly strong and keeps shattered glass in its place. Do not be misled by false claims that a window film will ruin glass. Simple not true. In the very rare event something should happen all manufactures have a warranty that will in most cases cover any damage to the glass. Life expectancy in Houston is an estimated 20/25 years or longer. Window Film can be applied to all smooth glass surfaces. Insulated glass . . . no problem at all.

  • Ultraviolet radiation - eliminated by 99%. Fabrics and dyes will last longer

  • Solar heat control - Improve energy efficiency and reduce cooling costs

  • Greatly improve interior comfort. Remove unwanted heat and glare

  • Significant protection from shattered glass

  • Decorative frosted films for privacy, without darkening a room

  • All films are scratch resistant for easy care and long life

Above all choose a reputable company to install the film of your choosing. Make no mistake, the right film and the right company to install your film will give your clients many-many years of benefit.

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