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FAQ ~ Frequently Asked Questions About Window Film

1 Q.   Will window film stop fading?

A.   The major cause of fading damage is ultraviolet light. Our films will eliminate UV by 99%. There is no guarantee fading will not occur. We are happy that 100% of our designer clients, for 30+ years in Houston have been pleased with the results.

2 Q.   Does window film have to be reflective to keep out heat?

A.   Not at all. Modern technology allows window film to reject solar heat with a non-reflective, barely noticeable appearance. These new, advanced films are the choice of Interior Designers and their clients.

3 Q.   Can I apply window film to dual pane glass?

A.   Yes, you can. Our new spectrally selective films are perfectly safe to apply to any glass with no risk of damage to the glass or seals, and it will significantly improve performance. A very comprehensive warranty comes with each installation from the world leaders in window film technology and manufacturing.

4 Q.   Does window film save energy?

A.   Absolutely! Hi-performance films will save considerable energy. How much depends on many factors: film selection, glass orientation, window treatment, etc. In addition, your interior comfort level will go way up.

5 Q.   How do I clean window film?

A.   No additional care or maintenance is needed. Film is tough and has a scratch-resistant coating for easy cleaning. Any mild household glass cleaner is fine with a soft cloth, paper towel or squeegee. Hint: For better streak-free results, clean when glass is cool and out of direct sunlight.

6 Q.   How long will window film last?

A.   A very long time. All our residential films have a manufacture lifetime warranty. As long as you live in your home, your window film is warranted against bubbling, peeling, chipping, cracking or discoloring. Life expectancy is 20 to 25 years.

7 Q.   How do I choose the correct film?

A.   Sunbelt brings to you over 100 years experience in helping you choose the right film for the right reasons. A film's performance is critical; however, the film's appearance is equally as important.

1Q.   Will window film stop fading?

2Q.   Does window film have to be reflective to keep out heat?

3Q.   Can I apply window film to dual pane glass?

4Q.   Does window film save energy?

5Q.   How do I clean window film?

6Q.   How long will window film last?

7Q.   How do I choose the correct film?

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