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A warm thank you to all who continue to have confidence and trust in our products and services. - Ray Levy
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Beauty and Performance with Sunbelt Window Film

Testimonials - Homeowners Choose and Recommend Sunbelt Window Film

Arlene C.    Katy
Sunbelt Designer Window Films
I wanted to thank you so much for your incredible window film. My husband commented it works better than anticipated. Your crew was on time and clean. I will gladly refer you every chance I get.
- Arlene C.    Katy

John B.     Bentwater on Lake Conroe.
Sunbelt Designer Window Films
Your film looks and works as you said it would. What a difference in glare and heat. We can now see the lake without the frustrating glare and the room does feel quite a bit cooler.
- John B.     Bentwater on Lake Conroe.

Lisa S.     Memorial
Sunbelt Designer Window Films
I love it. Your crew did an excellent job installing the film last week. I'm impressed with their concern over my new wood floors and their work ethics. They stayed till 8:15 to get it done. I own my own business and can appreciate good employees when I see them. I'm convinced the tint will reduce our electric bills and look forward to any savings.
- Lisa S.     Memorial

Kevin D.     Katy
Sunbelt Designer Window Films
Thank you for a job well done. When my dad said your film made a big difference in his kitchen I thought I would try it in our game room. Very impressive, the temperature difference must by 8 or 9 degrees. The boys like the glare reduction on the large screen and I like the open look, no more closed shades. Your film has my vote.
- Kevin D.     Katy

Ann J.     Sugarland
Sunbelt Designer Window Films
Ray I love it. The guys showed up early as I was hoping they would. Not only were they respectful of my home and they were fast. Send me some of your business cards I have many friends that could use your tint. Do you have any window film literature you can send with your cards?
- Ann J.     Sugarland

Dr. A.     Galveston
Sunbelt Designer Window Films
Very impressive. Not only can we now use our sun room but the afternoon glare has been cut dramatically. I'm hoping our electric bills will be less with the darker film you suggested. When the second floor is complete we'll call you back to get that done. Thanks for a job that looks good and works as well you said it would.
- Dr. A.     Galveston

Victor S.     San Antonio
Sunbelt Designer Window Films
My wife is happy with the glare reduction from the pool. I'm hoping the electric bills will be reduced, as you said they would. My dad wants his home done, he lives in San Antonio, can you do that or do you have a dealer that can?
- Victor S.     San Antonio

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